Videogames are in my blood.

Trips to the seaside in my youth weren't about beaches, fish and chips or candyfloss. It was all about the arcades.

In the late Seventies and Eighties, amusement arcades were a different world to today. Scores of those beautiful cabinets awaited an excited child, ready to gorge on a diet of 10p pieces.

Then for Christmas 1982, my parents bought me an Intellivision. Little did I know the console was almost dead in its home country and I never acquired many games for Mattel's machine as they were expensive and hard to find.  I loved the Intellivision; but what I really wanted was a ZX Spectrum, and for Christmas two years later I finally got one.

Of course, it didn't work.

And neither did its replacement, or the third one. But when I finally got a fully-functioning Spectrum I was hooked and you'll find a dedicated section to my ramblings on this beautiful home computer in the menu above.

When the poor Speccy finally snuffed it in the early Nineties, I fell in love once more, this time with the Sega Megadrive. The games became expensive again, but I had disposable income now so this wasn't such an issue. After an ill-fated liaison with the Mega-CD (which I do fondly regard), I became a PC gamer in the mid-nineties, arguably the heyday of PC gaming.

I've been writing for many years but only recently (2009) decided to shift to non-fiction, or rather journalism. Or rather, video game and media journalism.

Since this epiphany, I've had many articles printed in Retro Gamer, the world's premier magazine dedicated to the video games of yesteryear. I've recently also begun to expand to Retro Gamer's sister publication, GamesTM and online with Eurogamer.

If you think we can work together than drop me a line, I'm always happy to discuss new projects both online and in print.

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